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Lord Hol Napult Image Gallery

My first Site. Behind a low level HTML interface lies some of my best drawings, memories and horrors .... Take a Look, It's a good bay of material !
The most has been made by hand and some has been coloured with computer graphic programs.
The final result , I think, is very good!

Allegro Library

Allegro is the famous library on which I wrote my videogame.
Very difficult at the beginning, it reveals a goos tools for newcomers programmers, and easy-to-use after a short period of pratics.
The only think is required is a good knowledge of C++ and object oriented coding... I started with this... to watch my result download the game!
Very good .. no?!

TGM Online

One of best the Italian magazine, The Games Machine, has reviewed my game.
You can read to the review looking for the game down here! Unfortunately the review is in Italian only .
The results value is........ 83% !!!!!

Get it from CNET!

Download No One Shoots Forever from !!!

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