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*** Credits ***
No One Shoots Forever - 2005 -
Code      : Lord Hol Napult
Graphics  : Lord Hol Napult
Sounds    : Lord Hol Napult
Music     : Freeware
"If you want a work well done, do it yourself !!!  : ' O

*** Special Thanks ***
To my dear girlfriend for the female voices
To my old team : "Genocide Team" ; for all the years that we try to create a game without reaching... ;P
To Wyllix , the Genocide Team lead programmer; he helped me so much for my training in Allegro programming and C++ .
To all the Allegro Community, that answered quickly to all my questions, the more foolish included!!!
To all my friends, my family, my enemies, that assisted me, insulted me, advised me and pardoned to me....

*** Game Features ***
 1. Type: "Frag'em all" : Kill every enemy remaining inside the time limits.
 2. Immediate gameplay.
 3. Created with Allegro Library.
 4. Zupp Park boys to kill in many ways.
 5. 4 levels, 1 intro, 2 outro, menu with credits, options, rules and High scores!
 6. 4 screen resolution admitted: da 320x240 a 1024x768
 7. Windowed or Fullscreen game
 8. No 3D, all 2D
 9. 32 bit Graphics (but you cannot choose 16 bit quality)
10. Low PC optimization with detail reduced.
11. Mirror area where there is the water ( using a 2D engine I found this much difficult!)
12. Windoz setup (nosfsetup.exe), to be sure that the game can run on your computer!
13. Excellent Voices, Sounds and Animations (all by me). Music (midi) taken from the net...
14. Original Backgrounds hand-drawed (by me...what a stupid, All has been done by me!).
15. Advanced Scripting upon Sprites
16. Fake shield Deepness
17. 2 years of work....
18. Violence Filter (to choose)
19. English an Italian Language!


Copyright (c) 2006 Infusible Brain Inc. All rights reserved.